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Ed Tech for Young Children

April 16, 2014

We have talking a lot about our “Next Gen” classrooms this year and specifically our Kindergarten and 1st Grade rooms.  When reading a recent article in eSchool News titled, “10 things to ask when choosing ed tech for young children” I was reminded how important it is to be thoughtful in the approach to providing technology at this level.  Throwing tech at students without being intentional about what are some of the desired outcomes is never a good idea, but I feel it’s even worse when it comes to young students.

Here is a quote from Karen Nemeth, co-founder of the Early Childhood Technology Network

“Don’t fall for iPad or ‘app mania’! Technology is not always the best choice,” said Nemeth. “Apps designed for kids aren’t always better than what you may already have, and that goes for mobile devices too! Just because it’s new doesn’t mean it’s better!”


After reading this and reflecting on our approach with Next Gen this year, I am reminded how thoughtful and intentional our technology, instructional and administrative staff have been with implementation.

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  1. Betty Rosen-Leacher permalink
    April 16, 2014 6:25 am

    Thank you Mr. Graden. I agree with your sentiments. The kindergarten and first grade implementation of the use of technology has been very thoughtful and doesn’t just “push” apps at kids. The deep planning that our Next Gen teachers do with their grade level peers (and one another) helps to ensure thoughtful connections to the curriculum and planned activities so all children have like opportunities. The Next Gen classrooms use the technology to enhance the activities and projects without replacing learning opportunities.

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