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Saline Middle School heads to Washington D.C.

April 29, 2014

During the week of April 21, I had the opportunity to accompany over 300  eighth graders on the 2014 Saline Middle School trip to  Washington, D.C.   Teachers, administrators, staff members,  parent chaperones and the  teens began the overnight bus trek at 3:45 am (yes, that’s A..M!)  on Tuesday, April 22, and concluded the adventure at 8:00 am on Friday, April 25.   The monumental task of coordinating seven motor coaches, food, stops en route, lodging, and strategic visits to historical monuments in the nation’s capital is no small feat.  I would like to thank Mr. Matt Ceo and Mr. David Raft , as they were instrumental in planning and coordinating the trip.  It would be difficult to imagine a trip that was better planned, from that early morning start and throughout the fun-filled, education-packed week.

Trip attendees enjoyed visits to Historic Gettysburg, Arlington National Cemetery and Iwo Jima,  Tomb of the Unknown, the Air Force Memorial,  The White House, the U.S. Capitol, Vietnam Memorial, Martin Luther King Memorial, and the Newseum, to name a few.  One highlight of the trip was a dinner, singing and dance contest in Gaithersburg, MD at the Smokey Glen Farm.  I’m still smiling from the experience!

The final stop of the trip was at Nationals Park where the students and chaperones took in the Washington Nationals vs Padres game.  Following the game, at 9:00 pm, the seven buses with Saline Middle Schoolers aboard, began the long trip back to Saline.  That all night bus ride landed the group back at Saline Middle School at 8:00 am on Friday morning.

The Washington, D.C. trip was an excellent end of the year activity.  It balanced the educational aspects of the places visited with the opportunity for the students to travel, learn more about the United States, and practice valuable life skills:  personal responsibility, sharing, empathy, compassion, pride.

I was very proud of the students.  Their conduct was praiseworthy.  They represented themselves, Saline Middle School and the greater Saline community well.  I am especially grateful for the efforts of the parents and staff!  The trip to Washington, D.C. was a trip that all who attended will remember for a very long time.  #SMSDC14



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